New Jobs, Cities and The Open Door

It’s crazy to reflect on the beginning of this blog and see how much has changed. Much has stayed the same; I still love startups and high-growth companies, I still believe the millennial generation is powerful and I am still passionate about startup ecosystems.

One thing that has changed is where I ended up after receiving my diploma. I spent all this time planning and making the right connections to land in Cincinnati. But, my intuition and opportunities took me on a new adventure to Indianapolis with the Orr Fellowship, and my host company within the Fellowship, Studio Science.

Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis. The view from my office is quite spectacular!

Yes, I was shocked too. The Cincinnati Startup Ecosystem has evolved incredibly, and I considered it a second home. Big things are happening within that community, entrepreneurs are thriving and the area is becoming more and more recognized…what the heck was I thinking?

Well, what they don’t teach you in entrepreneurship class, and what I am assuming is impossible to teach, is how to choose your career journey. Where should I go? What should I do? Do I want to move far away? Which job will give me the most opportunities? How much money do I need to live on (I asked my student loans to pay themselves and they said no)? What feels “right”?

After going through my job search process, I realized one very important thing: there is no such thing as the “right” choice, but there is such a thing as The Open Door. Every couple of weeks, I get together with a group of my peers in the Fellowship and we discuss the concept of The Open Door. The Open Door is realizing the opportunity in front of you and being willing to take it in order to live a more fruitful and meaningful life.

There is the misconception that taking The Open Door is taking an opportunity that is fun or an opportunity that will be effortless and automatically successful. On the contrary, The Open Door is often ambiguous, difficult and emotional. The Open Door reminds us that nothing worth living in life comes without struggle and a growth period. The Open Door is about taking the chances that are in front of you and striving to get through the tumultuous times knowing that this opportunity will change you for the better.

Moving to Indianapolis has been completely out of my comfort zone. While I have loved my job thus far and getting to be a part of Orr Fellowship, this adventure and enjoyment have not come without struggle. New cities, jobs and experiences come with a learning curve, and the curve is steep. The Open Door concept reminds us that even if things are rocky, we took the opportunity because in the end, great things will happen. You just have to put the work in and make the most of what you have signed up for in life.

While my current Open Door has taken me to Indianapolis, I look forward to all my future doors. Whether it be continuing in Indianapolis, returning to Cincy or doing something completely new, I feel ready to make the tough career choices knowing the true meaning of The Open Door. To match my continuation of taking the opportunities in front of me, be on the lookout for a blog rebrand.

Oh, by the way, The Open Door concept is not mine, although I wish I were that perceptive. Actually, it’s a book. And you should check it out.


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