Living out passion: When will we get a chance?

As college seniors, we are told there is opportunity awaiting us after graduation. We are reminded that if we work hard enough, meet the right people and say the right things in the interview, we can land our dream job. Have your passion, live your passion.

As any millennial will tell you, we have a variety of interests and a thirst for curiosity and exploration. We will try and experiment with many different activities, majors and lifestyles. Therefore, our passions change, and one day, we will find the career path that gives our souls a “jolt”.

I am lucky enough to have found my jolt early, but, what’s a college kid to do when they discovered their “thing” second semester senior year with over 100 credit hours and 3 internships all dealing with a career path they thought they wanted? Right as you found the type of life you want, you have to start back at square one because you have nothing to back up your new-found passion.

We all know it: no entry level job is really “entry level”. A lot of companies require a few small things before giving you that job…a few years of experience/exposure to the field, some portfolio work, recommendations from professionals in the field, a 5 course dinner and your first born child.

We want to pursue the life that gives us air. We will work hard to make it happen, but where is the proof? We can’t blame employers…they want to make sure that with whoever they hire that they can trust the new employee will get the job done and move the ball forward.

I’m not sure what the right answer is. When you find your passion late in the game, is starting back at square one worth it? Do you take those “college” internships after graduation in order to work your way up? Are there employers out there that are willing to risk taking a person with lack of experience in order to gain large amounts of passion? When will we get our chance?


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