The Entrepreneurial “F-Word”

As more and more responsibilities get added to my plate, I am reminded of something – you will never be perfect at everything. It is just not possible. As someone who is (overly?) self-motivated and excited to take on life, the thought of under achieving is a hard pill to swallow. I like taking on challenges, rising to the education and getting to say “I can handle this!” But, what happens when you can’t? What happens when the book pile just becomes too high and falls over?

You fail. You fail hard. All you have is a big pile of failure.

Did anyone else just shutter at the “f-word”? It’s normal to cringe at the thought of not succeeding at the things you are most passionate about. You put in all this work, time, effort…and you just couldn’t pull it off? What the hell went wrong? Why do I suck? Why can other people do it while I can’t? This is where my head automatically goes While it is normal to think these questions when all the books fall, I have a little secret…you are dead. wrong. Every entrepreneur will tell you that all great products and brands have come out of a bajillion pivots and failures. Here is why failure is bad-ass:

1. It stops you from the first right answer. When you fail, it’s usually because whatever you were testing didn’t work, and it wasn’t the right solution. Having failures helps you to keep asking questions and exploring new ways of doing things so that you can see many possibilities and turn to 4th and 5th right answers. The results of failures are usually the break through ideas.

2. The life lessons. It is natural to be scared of failure. Who likes knowing they did something wrong? But, one of the best ways to embrace it is by knowing how much you will learn from it. Looking at failure as positive can help you to see what you can improve for next time so you can be (cue Kanye) harder, better, faster stronger.

3. The adventure. When you get to learn, reflect, challenges processes and explore new options, it can be kinda fun! As someone who gets so destroyed over the thought of failing, I am constantly trying to picture the small failures in life as a little roller coaster. There are a lot of bumps, times you are scared, screaming and wondering what’s going to happen…but that’s all a part of the ride! Enjoy it.

Love failure. Live failure. It’s hard, because I know I fail at failing. But, sometimes blogging about things helps you think them out and hold you accountable. I know that for me, along with a lot of other people, the fear of the “f-word” is what stops me from my best creativity, thinking of ideas and being the entrepreneur I truly want to be. It’s time to get a little risky!

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