What is ProductCamp?

Ever with there was a relaxed space to talk to different entrepreneurs and business lovers about the stuff they are working on. Well, you’re in luck! In less that 3 weeks, Cincinnati will be hosting it’s 2nd annual ProductCamp (PCamp) on Saturday, September 26th! Let me go through some of the basics about why this event is important to attend:

What is PCamp? PCamp is a nation-wide un-conference for passionate product people. It is called an un-confrence because it is hellllaaa chill…participants in the event get to hear the talks they want to hear about product design, development, innovation, etc.

What is a ‘talk’? Good question! For weeks now, Cincinnati’s best and brightest entrepreneurs, CEOs and product developers have been submitting talks on their journeys in product creation. In fact, participants will have the chance to VOTE on the talks they want to hear. There will be a wide range of talks on every facet of product creation from product design to wire framing. Also, because the point of PCamp is to be relaxed and real, they won’t kid you with only happy success stories. You are going to hear from real people, about their real products, both the good and the bad.

Why is this event important? Your Saturday at PCamp will allow you to get together with people from companies all over the region to talk about building and sharing products in a very relaxed setting. The speakers are also giving very real, actionable talks about how their product creation is going, their stumbles and their triumphs. Cincinnati is also a very unique place because we have some of the largest BigCos (P&G, Kroger, Macy’s) and a wide range of hot new startups. Both groups will be working together at the event to share their stories and help spark new innovations.

What’s in it for me? You will be ASTOUNDED by the value of this event. Not only will you get to hear stories of product development, but all participants have the chance to engage with the speakers, and each other, to create a very active learning environment. Also…NETWORKING. At the event, the team has set aside spaces for participants and speakers to chill out in for some meeting, greeting and idea sharing. Because of the wide range of companies, you will have the chance to talk one-on-one with some amazing connections.

Also…did I mention free food and swag?

Last year’s event was incredibly successful, but this year will be even better! With more companies, stories and ideas involved, PCamp is the number 1 event for all types of people (including students!!) to come and get their product love on!

2 thoughts on “What is ProductCamp?

  1. Norris Krueger September 9, 2015 / 4:18 pm

    Kasey – is the PCamp link above broken?

    Also, this is the 2nd one in Cincy but it’s also national?



    • Kasey September 9, 2015 / 4:33 pm

      Thanks Norris! The link has been fixed. this is a national event as well.


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