Meet Jeffrey Shepard

Entrepreneurs find passion for their business in a lot of different ways. Maybe it’s a venture they have always wanted to try or maybe they are trying to discover a brand new space. Or maybe, you could be passionate about the startup journey itself. Jeffrey Shepard, CEO of MedaCheck, finds his passion in knowing that when he starts his idea, it will grow into a great brand and great culture.

Jeffrey Shepard, CEO of MedaCheck. Photo via LinkedIn
Jeffrey Shepard, CEO of MedaCheck.
Photo via LinkedIn

This is not Jeffrey’s first startup rodeo. Having started 13 companies already, he is excited to see MedaCheck, a medication reminder system in the form of an app, becoming a sustainable model that can now grow. Which is awesome. But, the idea of breathing MedaCheck 24/7 is not what keeps Jeffrey excited about entrepreneurship. In fact, the MedaCheck business model is built to be one that can scale and then be acquired easily. What keeps him going is this: creating businesses through being a good listener and having good people by your side.

Jeffrey is awesome because he believes in the same mission I do…learning from and listening to as many people as you can because, that’s the best way to get good at something. Jeffrey admits that he was not truly successful until he opened up to what was surrounding him and truly listened to other entrepreneurs. What you learn from others and their experiences (good or bad) is invaluable. You can have 3 doctorate degrees and still have so much to absorb from those who have succeeded, failed or gone through whatever you are trying to do.

Jeffrey said that one of the biggest things he learned from others and his own experiences is that the type of people you bring into your business is THE #1 priority. People will make or break a business and if you chose to start your own, you have to define your culture. Along with listening to others, the people who are supporting your dream are invaluable and true success cannot happen unless those employees feel like they can succeed with you. Create an environment that helps to excel employees in their personal and professional growth so that they know they are able to open up with you and your company. On the flip side, if someone is obviously not a great culture fit, don’t keep them around. As harsh as that may sound, too many companies suffer because their team is toxic, and in the end, you are hurting the person that doesn’t fit.

While passion for startups may come in different stages and ways, every entrepreneur wants to see their business scale and succeed so others can be impacted. There is never a shortage of opportunities in the startup world, and according to Jeffrey, it’s up to you to make sure the future is a successful one.

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