New Company? Salivate over the New Grads!

I made my pitch as to why new grads should head to new companies, but it’s only fair that I address a major question on the minds of startup companies: what’s in it for them? Why would they hire someone who has never done a startup before? Why should the CEO of a new company continue to take major pay cuts to afford a kid who does not have the same level of experience as others?

These are real, valid thoughts. As someone who has spent…more time than I would like to admit…scrolling through the Cintrifuse/Brandery company job openings, it was hard to see phrases like “must have three years of experience in marketing and branding”. MUST? I get why it says that, buuuuttttt good thing I am bad at taking no for an answer! So, what I have to say is this: what new grads lack in experience, we make up for in passion and hard work. From startup restaurants to architecture firms, that statement stands true for all business areas. NewCos, this is why you should hire me and other new grads hitting the pavement in 9 months:

1. Determination. When it comes to the thought my first full time job, I’m a kid in a candy store. The excitement is unreal. As much as we will miss hanging with friends on campus and drinking a little too much beer on Saturday afternoons, new grads are truly excited to become contributing members of society. When you hire a new grad, you hire someone who is beyond ready to jump into whatever you are working on and add fresh perspective. We are excited to put in the brain power, long hours and new ideas.

2. Mold us. New grads are, well, new. We don’t have any prior experiences to base off of. You won’t hear us saying “well, at my last job, we did it this way…” because, other than internships, we haven’t had an experiences to set our ways. If you have the itch to mold the minds of the next generation, hiring a new grad can be a great way to talk about your past successes, mistakes and lessons. What we learn from you, we can apply in our future experiences!

3. What is money? Yes, our experience levels are lower, but if your company is running real lean, hiring a new grad can be a great way to have someone achieve great things while not having to pay them the same way you would pay a web developer with 10 years of experience. There are  times and situations where companies need to hire someone who has certain levels of experiences, but…new grads are fast learners and hard workers. We can take it upon ourselves to get to the level of experience your company is looking for, without breaking your bank.

4. For the sake of the ecosystem. New grads go where the jobs are, and if growing companies won’t hire us, we won’t be sticking around. It is imperative for emerging startup ecosystems (CINCINNATI, OHIO!!!) to see the value in keeping talent in their area. New grads and millennials ARE the new movement. We will make amazing impacts. Keep us around so that we can help the community flourish.

New grads are not to be underestimated! We have big plans for our futures and we want to work for companies that see the value in helping us rise and achieve. You never know! You could be hiring the next Mark Zuckerberg! But, new grads cant get there without having the chance to make an impact.

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