New Grad? Head to the NewCos!

Summer is coming to a close and as I was sitting around the other day, color-coding my semester schedule and planning out shortest walking routes to campus buildings, I realized that dorky as it is, it is my second-to-last time getting to do it. In fact, in 9 months, I will be a full-fledged adult! It’s so exciting! Do I know how to cook or or fix sinks? Hello no! But being the expert compartmentalizer that I am, I know I will figure that out when the time comes. What’s on my mind right now? EMPLOYMENT.

Like the other 3.2 million college seniors projected to graduate in 2016, I. Need. A. Job. If I sound aggressive, that’s because I am. Being a classic millennial, I have big dreams and some requirements to get there. I would like a job that I enjoy while also getting to work hard, learn a lot, make instant impact, and have some cool work benefits that don’t necessarily have to be monetary.

One job area that I have noticed a culmination of all these millennial requirements is in startup companies. Small, new businesses have not yet been bogged down by bureaucracy and are able to offer a totally new culture that is very attractive to new graduates. Here’s why:

Small team, quick impact. Unless 100 people are on the same page and jointly decide to start a company, chances are the startup you work for will be small…like, 5 people chillin’ in a room, small. Meaning, it’s your time to shine! Anything you do will be making a direct impact on the bottom line and moving the needle of the business. There is no  such thing as doing a small project that will eventually reach your boss’s boss’s boss in 6 months. In a startup, you are most likely playing accidental footsie with the CEO under the work table and doing projects with he or she, not FOR he or she. What a cool way to get things done so early in your career!

Less resources, more learning. A long with less people, startups just have less things in general. When you are working for an agile, lean business, that means you are doing a lot of learning on your own. There is not enough time or people to sit with you and make sure you properly know all the tools to do your job. If you like to self-start things, this is the space for you! The “figure it out” attitude will be your new best friend. Also, startups need a lot of different people with different passions. No one will ever ever hire you based on your major, only on your skills.

Less money, more creativity. I guess less money counts as less resources, but it was worth making it’s own bullet point because, when you work for a startup, you can’t expect to be making what you might make at a big company. It’s just not going to happen. But, that doesn’t mean the job is any less difficult, prestigious or rewarding…you just get thanked differently. A lot of millennials today are craving perks like fun office cultures, time off, gym memberships, dogs in the office, etc. Startups offer a lot of flexibility to their employees and make sure their employees feel valued with fun little things like, I don’t know…equity?

Are big companies awesome? Yes. Do you learn a lot working for them? Of course. Is there a little more security? Obviously. But, another unique thing about new millennials in the workforce is that we crave things beyond benefits and stability…we crave passion. We crave following our hearts, doing what we could do 24/7 and living life with utmost fulfillment. When you work for a startup, you surround yourself with people who are working endlessly to make their dreams happen and change the world. To me, surrounding myself with that kind of environment sounds just as rewarding as climbing the corporate ladder.

This sounds good, right? So, entrepreneurs…why should you hire new grads? Stay tuned.

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